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Around the UK there are a significant number of pre reinforced Concrete (PRC) houses which have had the PRC structural works carried out by the local council and do not have the appropriate PRC Certificate in place. Many of these houses have been repaired to the required standard but unfortunately the PRC Completion Certificates were never issued at the time of repair.

We have vast knowledge, experience and an extensive data base of PRC houses in England and Wales which have had structural works undertaken by local authorities and the repair systems which have been carried out.

Mortgage lenders will not offer mortgages on repaired PRC houses unless there is an appropriate PRC Certificate in place. In the absence of the original PRC Certificate high street mortgage lenders will accept Retrospective PRC Completion Certificates for mortgage lending purposes.

We do not charge any upfront fees and following an inspection if we are unable to issue the appropriate Retrospective PRC Certificate we will not charge you. Defective Properties are committed to offering Retrospective PRC Certificates at a competitive cost and we will match any reputable company on price.

All the Retrospective PRC Completion Certificates which we arrange are issued by a recognized independent engineer with the appropriate experience and qualification to issue Retrospective PRC Completion Certificates which are acceptable to high street mortgage lenders.
If you have lost your PRC Certificate or unsure if you have the correct documentation for your house, please feel free to call us.
Do you own or looking to purchase a PRC house which has had the repair works carried out and you do not have the appropriate PRC Certificate in place, subject to a satisfactory inspection we can arrange for a Retrospective PRC Completion Certificate to be issued for your property. A Retrospective PRC Completion Certificate is an after works certificate which is accepted for mortgage lending purpose by high street mortgage lenders.
Specialists in mortgage lender approved Retrospective PRC Completion Certificates.

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