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There are many types of non traditional constructions. Only the following types of concrete house construction are designated as defective under part XVI Housing Act 1985.


England and Wales


Airey House

Boot House

Boswell house

Cornish Type 1 House

Cornish Type 2 House

Dorran House

Dyke House

Gregory House

Hawksley House

Lileshall House

Myton House

Newland House

Orlit House

Parkinson Frame House

Reema Hollow Panel House

Schindler House

Smith House

Stent House

Stonecrete House

Tarran House

Underdown House

Unity House

Butterley House

Waller House

Wates house

Wessex House

Winget House

Woolaway House



Blackburn Orlit House

Boot House

Dorran House

Lileshall House

Lindsay House

Myton Clyde House

Orlit House

Tarran House

Tarran Clyde House

Tee Beam

Unitroy House

Whitson Fairhurst House

Winget House



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