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The period between the First and Second World War witnessed the development of various types of housing systems based on Pre cast concrete (PRC) and as a result of these developments many new varieties of concrete systems for building houses emerged. While most systems were intended to provide permanent, long term housing a few were intended only as emergency or temporary solutions.

By the 1980s some fundamental problems affecting structural stability and durability began to emerge in some of the concrete system built houses. The problems of carbonation and the presence of detrimental chloride levels in reinforced concrete houses led to certain concrete housing systems being designated defective under the 1984 housing defects legislation which was then incorporated into the housing act of 1985.

A company named PRC Homes Ltd was set up 1985 to approve license repair schemes for houses designated defective under the 1985 housing act. These PRC licence repairs were designed to remove most if not all the concrete elements from the property making it then mortgagable. PRC Homes Ltd ceased trading in 1998.

A PRC Completion Certificate was issued once the PRC licensed repair had been carried out on the property. Many of these PRC completion certificates over the years have been lost and missed placed and if your property was repaired by the local authority a PRC completion certificate may never have been issued.

Mortgage lenders will not offer mortgages on pre reinforced concrete properties unless there is an appropriate PRC completion certificate in place.

We are specialists in arranging replacement PRC certificates. For more information please visit our PRC Certificate page.

The most common PRC property types include, Airey, Boot,. Cornish, Unity, Wates, Woolaway.

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