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How to obtain a Retrospective PRC Certificate

This will involve a qualified engineer visiting your property and carrying out an inspection of the structural works which have been carried out on your house. The engineer will carry several checks which include inserting a camera into the cavity to insure the concrete elements have been removed or made redundant. 

As long as the structural repair works have been carried out to a recognised standard and meet the criteria of the appropriate PRC Homes scheme, we will be able to issue a Retrospective PRC Certificate.

The PRC Certificate which we issue can be relied upon by mortgage lenders and borrows making mortgage advances on the property.
Please contact us and we would be happy to discuss how we can help.
There are a large number of PRC houses in the Bristol area, Bristol was bombed quite badly during the war which has lead to high concentration of PRC houses been built in the Bristol area, for more information regards PRC Certificates and PRC repairs in the Bristol area please call us on 01384 258498.
We provide PRC certificates for, Airey Houses, PRC certificates for Cornish Houses, PRC Certificates for Reema Houses, PRC Certificates for Smiths Houses, PRC Certificates for Unity Houses, PRC Certificate for Wates houses, PRC Certificate for Woolaway Houses.
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